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High Performance Magento Stores

Digital Horizons team of Ecommerce, Technology and Infrastructure experts deliver world-class high performance Magento DevOps to keep your Stores running optimally and delivering superior user experience.

Our no-compromise infrastructure and advanced algorithms and technologies give your Ecommerce Stores solidity, robustness and reliability. We help our customers develop and retain a strong competitive advantage over their competition and give customers a delightful experience on the online stores.

Digital Horizons delivers quality and quick development to customers worldwide. Our team of Magento developers and performance specialists can help you increase sales, conversions and retention through innovative methods aimed at making your site fast, interesting and elegant.

You can increase your SEO presence, conversions and customer retention by providing a high quality user experience when people visit your website. These can be achieved through high quality programming and optimization which need capable and experienced developers who understand the nuances of Magento.

Our focus is on customer success and we achieve this through innovation in our development, commitment to quality of work and speed of our deliveries. You can be assured of quick response to your needs and rapid turnarounds for changes, fixes and enhancements when you need them to increase your sales and customer loyalty.

Our team of developers are experienced with Magento 2 and performance optimization and we work through the complete technology stack around Magento to deliver performance.

We can help with these areas:
  • Implementing a new Magento 2 powered Ecommerce Store
  • Upgrading your existing Magento 1 Store to Magento 2
  • Improving the Technology side of SEO for your Store
  • Enhancing and Managing your Ecommerce Store
  • Hosting and Providing High Performance Infrastructure for your Store
  • Being a Support Specialist 24x7

Magento 2 Ecommerce With Digital Horizons

There are many reasons for Magento 2 Users to want to update or manage their platform. 1. New Features 2. New Product Information 3. New Ways to Generate More Sales on the Store 4. New Ways to Gather Analytics / Data for Analytics 5. Adding User Experience Features 6. Integrating New Processes such as with a CRM or an Accounting Extension or a Social Media Platform 7. Optimizing for Speed, Performance, User Experience on Different Devices

Upgrade to Magento 2

  • Magento 2 Ecommerce Platform can move your Store to a new level of sales growth and buyer engagement.
  • Digital Horizons brings the expertise and tools to smoothly migrate your current Magento 1 platform.
  • An investment in this upgrade can provide quick returns and lasting advantages.

Ecommerce Strategic Imperative
  • Preferred Choice for Consumer & Business Purchases
  • Robust and Convenient Technology Solution
  • Automation of Ordering, Payments, Accounting & Fulfilment
  • Integration with Enterprise Applications
  • Higher Speed & Efficiencies
  • Significant Savings in Costs & Resources

Magento 2 Features
  • New Modular Architecture
  • Improved Web Interface & Interaction
  • API Support for Apps & Integration
  • Enhanced Scalability & Performance
  • Better Manageability

Magento 2 Advantage
  • Robust Platform for Large Usage
  • Current Technology & Compatibility
  • Higher Order Conversions
  • Advanced Security Protection
  • Native Mobile Compatibility

Digital Horizons Partnership
  • Comprehensive Ecommerce DevOps
  • Encompassing Suite of Expertise
  • Quick & Reliable Solutions
  • Scalable, Robust Implementation
  • Advanced Magento 2 Support
  • Integration with Marketing Automation

What are you looking to do?


Digital Horizons has advanced Cloud Infrastructure and Platforms that are optimized for Magento 2 and deliver high performance with 24x7x365 uptime and support. We handle large loads and provide monitoring and disaster recovery to all our Stores.

Areas that Digital Horizons can give you the Edge for Magento Ecommerce

Complex Business Solutions
Our technology expertise and experience enables us to develop innovative solutions for business requirements and deliver these through advanced modules and programming in Magento. These include checkouts, customer interfaces, storefronts, shipping, accounting, payments and integrations.

Business & Ecommerce Understanding
Our detailed understanding of business requirements, ecommerce, payments, shipping / logistics and customer expectations helps us translate your requirements better into working interfaces and technology processes in Magento. A significant proportion of our team has wide real-world business experience across several industrial verticals including retail, telecom, B2B, manufacturing and construction.

Ecommerce enables automation by design. Our expertise with technology and data management enables us to implement intelligent automation and process optimization for our customers to boost efficiencies, scale and performance.

Through integration of Magento with other enterprise systems including CRM, Accounting and Supply chain, organizations can enhance productivity and speed significantly. Our technology expertise across many other technology platforms including mobile, web and enterprise help us deliver advanced integration, automation and productivity enhancers for Magento powered Ecommerce stores.

Analytics can create substantial efficiencies, savings and sales growth, help focus on key areas and correct or eliminate inefficient ones. Our intimate understanding of databases, Magento data structures and use of analytics for meaningful insights help our customers build engage better, manage product and processes more efficiently, save on costs and boost profitability.

User Experience
Users demand a familiar, interesting, engaging and smooth experience when they shop at online stores, read websites and use apps. User experience is a blend of design, content, technology and human interaction. Magento 2 enhances the user experience and draws customers to spend more time on the store pages, look through products and make purchase decisions. Our experience in this area helps customers improve the user experience and grow sales. We work on carts, checkout, shipping and payment options to enhance the overall experience for customers.

Store Performance
Stores need to be quick, consistent, reliable and easy to use. Store performance is a critical parameter for user satisfaction and engagement on the store. Faster loading store pages rank better in search results. Managing store performance needs multiple areas of experience including code optimization, process design and infrastructure configuration. Our team of engineers help customers improve store performance for better engagement and higher sale conversions.

Robust Infrastructure
Stores that are scalable can help a growing business smoothly expand customers, products and sales transactions. Robust infrastructure and Magento platform management are key elements in the success of an online store as it grows in size and transactions. Our DevOps expertise provides a comprehensive capability for Magento powered Ecommerce stores, managing the various interlinked areas for robustness, reliability, performance and scalability.

Improved Order Management
Order management links directly to user delight with the outcome of a purchase. Optimizing, smoothening and making the order management process more efficient, error free and easy for the customer helps enhance store reputation and build brand loyalty. Using technology, automation, integration with enterprise systems and applying more intelligence to the order management process, we help our customers become more agile, responsive and effective at fulfilling customer needs.

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