Advanced Product Development
& Transformative Digital Innovation

We Create Apps for the Mobile World

We create apps and all the technologies, analytics, cloud systems and infrastructure to support them.

Apps for enterprise and global services are sophisticated products with many different facets. Apps like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Uber power business services worth billions and need teams numbering several thousand.

Digital Horizons has the expertise to create apps and all the supporting elements that these need to deliver outstanding services and engagement with a global audience.

We work with partners to build apps that create new businesses, engage customers and generate value through global reach and service delivery.

Digital Horizons innovates and creates with passion, pioneering and unique products that use Cloud and Mobile technologies and opportunities to create transformation in the way people work, manage businesses, shop and process information.

Digital Horizons has operations in five countries and offices in seven locations besides infrastructure facilities around the world.

We see the present and the future as being full of opportunities to innovate, create and transform the way we work and live, the way brands engage with customers and the way organizations can be global, virtual and adaptable, at the same time. We see life being enriched with technology and live media, helping us think, learn, build and enjoy more than has ever been in the past. We see our world become smaller and more connected, helping us exchange ideas and work collaboratively without regard to distance and time. We see a future where technology is increasingly simple to use, within reach and budget, embedded into our work and living as never before.

In all of this transformation, opportunities and possibilities, we see ourselves being passionate, innovative and participatory.

We are fired by the opportunities to make a difference, to help our users and customers do more, enrich their work and lives. We are excited about providing our people, stakeholders and customers, a platform to use technologies and products at their best. We are energized by the potential that we see ahead of us.

In the new world of connected products, data and people, Digital Horizons is constantly researching, innovating and building technologies and products that can be leaders in their categories for our partners and us.

Our people are drawn to us from around the globe, providing a diverse community of experts, innovators, designers and engineers, all driven by a common passion to create outstanding products.

We are forging partnerships with companies worldwide to design and engineer world-class products and take these to different markets and user audiences around the globe.

We love the challenges to seek out new and improved ways to design, program and market products. We are passionate and emboldened to push the envelope and explore new horizons in a world that is increasing digital.


A team of experienced professionals with background in Technology, Marketing, Media, Design and Business leads Digital Horizons operations and engagements worldwide.

We are ably supported by an organization of committed, passionate and dedicated professionals with expertise in their specializations and an attitude for integrity, quality, learning and customer care.


Digital Horizons has a multi-displinary team with specialised expertise spanning the total life-cycle of products from idea to implementation.


Digital Horizons has a global cloud computing infrastructure network to support products, solutions and customers.

Located in advanced and reliable data centres in USA, UK and India, Digital Horizons can support products, solutions and websites for any scale of usage across a range of technologies working over Linux.

Digital Horizons provides cloud computing infrastructure and support to customers to manage their applications, websites and enterprise systems with failovers and disaster recovery.