Advanced Product Development
& Transformative Digital Innovation



Advanced Product Development
& Transformative Digital Innovation



Advanced Product Development
& Transformative Digital Innovation

We create winning assets for our customers in Cloud/SaaS, Mobile, Analytics & AI


Take your Passion. Make it Happen

Digital Horizons is a growing multi-national and multi-ethnic organization with an open, equal opportunity environment that promotes excellence, innovation and constant learning. We help our people design and create world-class products and solutions with advanced technologies, sophisticated design and agile execution.

We are always looking for people with passion, zeal, energy and thirst for excellence. Our global organization offers a platform for creativity, innovation and boundless imagination. We nurture, foster and support ideas, initiative, leadership and dedication and help turn these into high quality products and solutions that make a difference to our customers.

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A Great Team to Work with @ Digital Horizons
Exciting Careers with Digital Horizons
Our functions include: For any information or to send us your resume please email
A Great Team to Work with @ Digital Horizons

Digital Horizons: Career

Do you value the dynamism of a tech startup and the stability of an established business? Do you wake with a sudden solution to a complex technical or a design problem striking you in sleep? Is ‘writing an error free code the first time, the one dream you can’t get over, even now? Think you can manage marketing campaigns for tech products, create outstanding collateral for enterprise mobile apps?

We need you here at Digital Horizons.

Opportunities @ Digital Horizons

We work on products with a global vision. Our unwavering focus is on experimentation and innovation.

We are committed to developing technology solutions that are novel, best-in-breed, and sustainable.

We are always looking to push the boundaries of traditional web design to create novel UIs.

We empower brands by building applications that offer riveting user experiences.

Do you resonate with that? Check out our focus areas.

Our Full-Time Employment Options

Our full-time positions relate to the following technology areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI): Python/C++
  • Web Apps: PHP/Python
  • Native Mobile Apps: Android/Swift/Windows
  • Cloud Platforms: Linux, C++, Kubernetes, Hadoop, MySql
  • Visual and UI Development
  • HTML5 and CSS Development
  • Magento Backend Development
  • Mobile App Development for Android, iPhone, and Windows.
  • Marketing Management

Feel excited? Read on for further details.

Why Work With Us?

If you want a nurturing and learning workspace, you have that here.

You want you to explore your multifold talent and skills across geographies and industries. We offer enough excellent scope for that.

Want a work environment of experiments and Eureka moments, with equally passionate and committed teammates to share them with - Digital Horizons is definitely for you.

We Walk The Talk

We look for and invest in nurturing talent. At Digital Horizons, we don’t believe in empty promises. Check our commitments to our partners. (At other places, they are known as employees.)

Support for Learning & Development

  • Currently we have an 8 weeks internship program underway, in which 10 students from various IITs are participating to create cutting edge AI/ML test projects using Python. Our senior team members are mentoring & encouraging these highly enthusiastic students as they learn to develop concepts, models, and algorithms.
  • Get in touch with us to enquire for opportunities for future internships and full time placement opportunities in Cloud, Mobile, PHP development.
  • We have regular hands-on training on live projects. We also support our partners in certification courses.
  • The work itself offers enough options for cross-functional learning across sectors and geographies.
  • The option for learning under the leadership of a talented and experienced team in an organization proud of its thought leadership position.

How We Nurture Talent?

We typically create pioneering products that are deeply technical, low on resources, and easy to use. To be able to do that, we are an organization always open to new ideas.

We believe in constant change and adaptation, in experimenting and exploring, and in persistence in the face of failure. We are not afraid of taking risks to persist with ideas that we believe are transformational.

Here’s what we offer for exceptional talents to thrive and grow:

  • Industry-standard compensation with fixed and variable no-cap bonus components.
  • Additional bonuses, rewards, and stock options for employees demonstrating exceptional commitment, innovation, and performance.
  • An eco-system of global learning opportunities and career growth in an equal opportunity work culture.
  • Low on hierarchy and procedural complexities to nurture out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.

Are You That Special One?

Are you that person with outstanding talent thriving to plunge into a career with an innovative and creative technology company, looking to develop cutting edge software, Cloud & AI products?

Does the option of working under global pioneers in building tech solutions to real problems give you goosebumps?

Write to us at with your CV, aspirations, and ideas. A member of our team will discuss your career aspirations and potential opportunities with you.

If you have a vision and aspiration for your career growth and potential work role, please send us a short essay describing these.

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