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Team Lead

DIGITAL HORIZONS is a great place to work. The management really care about the team and its employees. The benefits that come from working here are way above and beyond the monetary rewards we receive. Management gives constructive criticism when it's needed and praise when it's due. I have received more positive feedback and recognition here than anywhere else in my life. My professional learning and confidence has gone up considerably. I love it here !


Senior Developer

My experience of working with Digital Horizons for the past six years has been that the seniors and all the team members are very helpful, understanding, encouraging and motivating. Every day I get a new exciting task and I get to learn something new from it and I have enjoyed each day of working here.


Senior QA Engineer

Digital Horizons Technology is growing at a fast pace. Leadership is transparent and has painstakingly fostered an environment where everyone's input is valued and sought out. Everyone on the team has the ability to help shape the company. Feedback is listened to. Lots of room for growth and development, you will be given a lot of responsibility and pushed to grow. Open & honest communication is encouraged and open-book management is practiced. There are a lot of opportunities to take responsibility, contribute ideas, and feel like a real part of the team. Here we have a lot of opportunities to innovate and add value.


IOS Developer

It is been an immense pleasure to be working in this company. Its been more than a year that I have been working here and never at any point, have I felt demotivated and dejected. I am glad that our seniors and head departments take care of the employees very well and try their best to resolve any issues together, if any. One of the best things in the company is the Open Communication and that helps a lot to interact with anybody without hesitation. Professionally there is a lot of learning and every developer here gets a chance to develop some good applications or to become a big part of it. We are open to share our ideas and thoughts to make apps more productive and fast.


Junior Software Developer

Six months ago , I joined Digital Horizons as an Intern. In those 5 months the working experience has been second to none. I have improved technically and as a person being involved in various situations and learning of seniors has been a great experience. I have to give mention to my seniors who have guided me in every possible manner and as I work in C# and WPF which are new technologies to me and have helped me blend into the company smoothly. Also I am glad to have CEO like Nikhil sir, who is a passionate and a future seeking person, from whom I can learn many things and improve in my career .As and young developer who has just started his career I would recommend every young professional to join Digital Horizons as a first step in your career. I would like to thank everyone involved and will do my best for the company.


Senior UIUX designer

I have been working here for more than 8 months and the company is good. You get an excellent platform to learn and very good company culture. Teammates and Managers are very supportive. Work process has been a good. Everyone is extremely helpful and really responsive to ideas. I am so proud of what we have been able to create.


AI/ML Business Manager

My experience of working with Digital Horizons comprises challenging myself to strive for excellence each day. Our Manager, Mr. Nikhil encourages the entire team to think independently, innovate and experiment with new ideas, which is visible in our new AI - ML business idea. I like to work with a fresh perspective with the team on each day's tasks, be it, developing new User Scenarios with the AI - ML or Preparing a Business Plan for it. The HR team is also very supportive and responds immediately to any employee queries. I believe Digital Horizons is an inclusive and innovative organization that is aimed at making huge IT disruptions and I enjoy my work in the organization.


Junior Software Developer

My work experience with Digital Horizons has been wonderful.I have joined six months ago as a C# developer trainee, it has been a great experience working here. I have gotten the opportunity to learn more technical things and explore myself . I find the work really interesting and I have learned a lot from my work experience.


Assistant Product Manager

It's really a great place to work. I have got multiple opportunities to increase my experiences & capabilities. I have mostly worked for International Clients. Our CEO is a very enthusiastic and humble person. Colleagues are so supportive.


C++ Developer

Working at Digital Horizons has been amazing. Great mentorship, decent salary, timely performance review and ample opportunities to learn make Digital Horizons a good company to be working in. You are always complimented for the good work done.

Sai poornachand

Junior Software Developer

I have started my career started with Digital Horizons as an Android Developer. Past six months have taught me a great deal about app development and helped to kick start my professional career. My teammates are supportive and helpful. The working hours are good. The training period is very helpful to learn all the basic tasks. The work is challenging and interesting, helping me to learn new things every day. I am truly enjoying my good experience with the company.


Junior Software Developer

Working at Digital Horizons is my first job and I have taken it to heart. I have started this journey some months before and these past months have been very fruitful. All my teammates are so supportive and helpful. I dont feel any bias working here. As an Android developer, I am happy, my career would be better from now with Digital Horizons. The working hours are reasonable. The tasks are challenging and interesting and Work experience with team lead is good. I was allowed to face all the things in my corporate journey. Overall, my experience with Digital Horizons is so good.

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