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B2C Ecommerce Solutions

B2C or Business to Consumer is retail directly to customers. B2C has been the predominant application for Ecommerce with stores across product categories offering buyers an online catalog, checkouts and payments

B2C is growing rapidly with more consumers finding the convenience, speed and deals hard to resist. B2C Ecommerce is taking away valuable share from physical stores and malls and large brand stores are finding it increasingly difficult to attract, retain and motivate consumers to buy from them.

The future of retail is in experiences for consumers at physical stores and purchases carried out online or omin-channel. Omni-channel blends orders from multiple channels and methods including in-store and online into a common digital environment that provides coordinated invoicing, payments, shipping, order fulfillment and customer service.

B2C Ecommerce is undergoing rapid change and evolving into better user experiences, quicker and simplified checkouts and payments and more sophisticated deliveries, collections and order fulfillment.

Digital Horizons can provide the technology, expertise, process and ongoing support for your B2C Ecommerce needs right from store design and build to infrastructure and operations.