Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing helps create scalable solutions that can be accessed worldwide and enable users to securely work using computing and storage that is centralized, enabling mobility and ease of use.

Cloud Platforms and Software are needed for mobile solutions to manage large computational and storage needs.

Digital Horizons has a decade of experience in architecting, engineering and building cloud products and solutions for Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) and Mobile applications. We work closely with our partners to create cloud solutions for their businesses, brands and services.

Our expertise in creating cloud products and platforms that are robust, scalable and expandable help our partners create technology products and processes that deliver strategic advantages for them in their markets.

Client Story - TheJudge

TheJudge Insurance Technology Products
TheJudge is a leading broker and advisor for legal / litigation insurance and funding in the United Kingdom. Customers of TheJudge are law firms who seek insurance and funding for their legal cases. TheJudge advises them and obtains cover and policies from its partners - Insurers who provide insurance for litigation.

In 2007 TheJudge saw the online medium as a way to offer a unique digital product to its customers and partners while also increasing its ability to process and manage large volumes of applications, policies and claims.

Digital Horizons worked with TheJudge to formulate, architect and engineer TheJudge Online which enables clients to submit applications and obtain policies immediately if they meet specific criteria. Digital Horizons designed an intelligent analytics engine that reviews applications and assesses them on many different parameters and rules. If the application meets the specified criteria, clients are offered a policy instantly, enabling them to be covered on their litigation from that moment.

If the application needs more information or further guidance from an underwriter, the application is automatically forwarded to one or more insurers to review and offer quotes for the policies. The complete workflow and movement of information through several processes and checks is automated and results in seamless exchange and lower times for processing, saving costs of operations for clients, insurers and TheJudge.

TheJudge Online has been in operation since 2008 and has been constantly upgraded and enhanced by Digital Horizons. TheJudge Online is several systems and technologies in a single product and platform for litigation insurance and funding. Running over a secure cloud environment and supporting multiple devices including tablets and smartphones, TheJudge Online delivers online information availability and transactions processing 24x7 for clients and partners of TheJudge.