Apps & Platforms for Analytics

Analytics is the way technology will innovate and deliver more power for decision-making, automation and insights. Technologies are now mature to create analytics that can be used by people at all levels of the organization. Analytics enable brands and businesses to better understand their customers, create personalized responses and engagement and deliver better experiences.

Analytics can add intelligence to organizations, brands and experiences. Digital Horizons is focussed on using the power of analytics to generate intelligence that can be create a positive impact for our partners.

Big Data

We use big data technologies based on the Hadoop and Sql / NoSql frameworks to create robust analytics platforms for data aggregation, processing and information delivery.

PowerView - Analytics for Everyone

The PowerView Analytics platform can deliver rich, visual analytics to people at all levels and roles in an organization on any device of their choice - phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Digital Horizons provides all the technology and implementation support needed for organizations to implement and use PowerView in their organizations.

PowerView - Analytics for Everyone

We Create Apps

We create apps that help deliver analytics to users with great user experience and utility. PowerView is one such app but there is potential for many more to bring the advantages of Analytics to enterprises.

We build technology for Analtyics

We use and develop over Analytics platforms and technologies to enable enterprises to use analytics for better decision-making, insights and personalized customer experiences.